Between the domains of the research laboratory and market place is a highly specialized world of medical product development, regulation, and financial management through which all commercially successful drugs, biologics and medical devices must pass. Virginia Tech now offers an executive degree that focuses on this critical transition phase: Master of Science in Biomedical Technology Development and Management.

The program is designed for those working in a team-based multidisciplinary environment in both the public and private sectors. It integrates science with technology, management, business factors, ethics and public policy and offers a unique opportunity for students to hone skills that are becoming increasingly necessary for professional advancement. Emphasis is on the scientific, technical, regulatory, commercial, and public policy insights essential to effective product stewardship.

The degree is geared toward the working professional. It is suited to the individual who currently occupies a position as a scientist, clinician or manager and who seeks career advancement and leadership in the complex discipline of medical product development. It can provide the needed opportunity for the person with a background and interest in science or engineering who seeks a career beyond the laboratory bench.

This program will prepare the graduate to:

1. Assume leadership roles in various industries and government agencies that design, develop, produce, market, regulate and develop policy for medical products. These roles include:

  • Management of product research and development of drug, device and biological products
  • Management of regulatory compliance
  • Management of clinical trials
  • Understanding the marketing forces associated with product development

2. Lead a transformation of methods by which basic scientific discoveries are translated into medically useful products.

3. Demonstrate depth as well as cross-functional flexibility in a team-based multidisciplinary environment.

4. Make significant contributions to the field of medical product development.

BTDM classes are held during evenings and weekends, using a combination of online and in-person classes.

Below are examples of Class Schedules from previous semesters:

Spring 2013

Spring 2012

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